So after a rocky and psychosis-enlivening start, our hold-your-breath-and-jump method of financial management has borne fruit of the monetary kind. Dare I say the poorpocalypse has been averted? Will that anger the contract fates? I do not know, but I do know this: it is so nice to have a positive bank balance again. For serious.

Of course, that means I’m busy. Like, crazy busy, the kind of busy where you can feel yourself ctrl-alt-whatevering in your sleep. The kind of busy where you forget what day it is because it’s been that long since you took an actual day off. In my house we call this “normal,” but I suspect that’s just because there are two of us. (Well, three, but the kid’s too short to get a vote.)

But it’s good. Good! I like working, and I like money, and I like the things I buy with money. And it’s nice to see that we can, in fact, make this work. (Note to fates: I am not tempting you.)

But you know what? I totally think we should start saving for a vacation, once we’re back in a position to save for things. Someplace tropical. Except that I’ve been watching Lost lately so we may have to walk there.