Oh my gosh* it’s been a long week.

Not So is finally back from SXSW, which is utterly lovely and means I can sleep in every once in a while without a very persistent preschooler demanding that I get up and put on Yo Gabba Gabba. I have nothing against Yo Gabba Gabba, but I do have something against mornings. Mornings and I have a long and complicated relationship and I like to deal with them on my terms, which involve coffee and denial.

And then, of course, we’ve got to add Daylight Saving Time into the mix, which is just plain unkind. Oh hey, now I have to get up even earlier in order to look like a functional adult! It’s a good thing my kid sleeps late, is all I’m going to say about that. If I’d had one of those ‘up at dawn’ children I’d be typing this from a padded cell somewhere.

But enough of that! Things are back to normal in the Cranky household, and I have recommitted to the Cranky Pixels blog in a way that does not involve candles and invocations but may involve a blood sacrifice, if cheeseburgers count toward such things, so I will actually start posting things that pop into my head instead of just thinking that would make a good blog post all the damned time. Not that I do that! Because I am deeply sane and also not obsessive at all.

*I am trying to curb my swearing, and it’s been a total fucking success.

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