Good Mood Ahoy

I woke up this morning and the weirdest thing happened: I didn’t feel like going right back to sleep!

My big strategy for keeping the crazy at bay, as it turns out, is to work so hard I can’t even remember my name. This is lovely as long as I have no desire to think or be interesting, or to do things like sleep regularly or engage with my kid. Also, it’s sort of hard to maintain, what with the pressure and the stress and my weak constitution. But other than that it’s been great!

But things are finally winding down with work, and I’ve sort of almost been sleeping on a regular basis, and last night Not So and I went to a concert like grownup people, and it was a blast.

Which of course does not mean my coping strategies are wrong, exactly. Although if the solution to my depressive tendencies is to regularly see OK Go in concert, I’m pretty cool with that.