duodenum is a funny word

So hey, I have an ulcer. Fun times!

Actually (and I know you will be surprised by this, so brace yourself): it kind of sucks. I’ve been nauseous for almost two weeks, and it’s WAY worse after I eat so I sort of stopped eating (well, one meal a day – at the very END of the day), and I’ve been CRAZY tired. Which…totally doesn’t sound like an ulcer, right? I was figuring either pregnancy or celiac disease, but apparently the ER doc had a different idea, especially since I went in with sharp, severe pain in my stomach. Which was new! And even less fun.

So, duodenal ulcer. Brought on my NSAIDs. Which means no more Advil. I…may need a moment.

2 thoughts on “duodenum is a funny word”

  1. I assume the doctor told you that the vast majority of ulcers are caused by the H. pylori bacteria (and then aggravated by things like Advil use, alcohol, stress, etc.)? You should definitely go to a gastroenterologist and get tested (easy test) for the bacteria, because if that’s the cause, it’s very easy to knock out with antibiotics.


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