How much is that kitty in the window?

We got a new cat.

After we had to put Savannah down, I was thinking we’d be a one-cat household for a while. Not forever – more cats = more happy, after all – but for a while. But as soon as it became abundantly clear that Nicodemus was lonely as hell,* we decided we’d get him a new friend sooner rather than later.

Sooner turned out to be the next day, pretty much. (I don’t like to dilly-dally.)

This is Kobayashi Maru (Maru for short).** He’s a rescue cat with gorgeous blue eyes and opposable thumbs. He makes the most adorable little melodic chirp when he wants something.

Right now the thing he wants the most is for Nick to be his bestbest friend.

Nick, of course, is all “KID. There are protocols to follow. We do not just jump into this whole ‘friend’ thing. First I must snub you, then I must assert my dominance, then – HEY. Are you trying to lick me?”

And Maru is like “Hi. You’re funny. Let’s snuggle.”

*Nick is my baby and I seriously can’t stand to see him in distress. Also he is 14. 14 is young for a cat. SHUT UP.

**Other name possibilities included Astro, Matrix, Phantom (Ellison’s favorite), Coleco, Pixel, Asterix, Helvetica, and Ninja.