20 year reunion: skip.

I thought I’d go to my 20 year high school reunion. When I skipped my 10, I figured I’d definitely go to my 20. Because, 20 years! That’s…something!

I even joined the Facebook group in which many people I either remembered only vaguely or didn’t remember at all talked about how fun it was going to be to party like the old days OMG. A faint rumble of unease began somewhere in the region of my brain, but I soldiered on. 20 years! Surely, that is a reason for soldiering.

But then work was really busy/we moved/stuff happened, etc. I regretfully clicked the “Not Attending” button on the invitation to the reunion. Facebook continued to send me “updates,” which seemed entirely comprised of things like HAVE YOU RSVP’d YET and WHO ELSE HAS PHOTOS FOR THE MEMORY BOOOOOOOK????

Now, with the reunion looming in a mere few weeks or days or something (I’m not paying all that much attention), a lot of the people who said they could go can’t, actually. The girl who put it together is apparently out a bunch of money, which sucks for her. But does that justify this post from the other day? 

[Redacted], are you able to post a list of names who have paid for Sat night? We can all get on our friends who are dragging their butts and get them to cough it up….lol

Yes. LOL. I am LOLing at the idea of a bunch of people I only barely remember publicly shaming those who can’t afford a fucking night at the Chaminade. IT’S JUST LIKE HIGH SCHOOL ALL OVER AGAIN.

Except this time, I can just shake my head and click “Leave this group.”

Enjoy your 20 years of sucking, suckers.