And we’re back

SO, I finally stopped tinkering with poking at fucking up updating the theme.*

I consistently underestimate the amount of time and mental energy it takes to do a redesign. This is because it is usually around 1am when it occurs to me, and the part of my brain that deals with things like decision-making and impluse control conks out around 11. (This is also the time when I tend to place orders for new shoes.) I go “BORED NOW. Mess with code?” and then realize I a) have taken the theme apart beyond all repair and b) will be required to sleep at some point long before I have finished the site. Oh and c) did not make a backup of the original theme so must put up maintenance splash page. WHICH IS WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE ALL THIS TIME, in case you weren’t following. (Note: it is not WordPress’ fault that the maintenance plugin got disabled. I needed a screenshot of the plugin-disabling process for the book** and I didn’t want to disable all the plugins on the companion site because I had JUST gotten them looking the way I wanted them to. So I used this site for the screenshot because it’s not like I was doing anything ELSE with it. Then I forgot to re-enable the plugins. That is my epic tale. It’s a lot to take in. It is all right if you need a moment to process.

Anyway, so. Enough about the redesign! Unless you want to tell me how awesome it looks, in which case, carry on.

*(I did this, in part, because I realized I’d disabled the maintenance screen plugin at some point so the site was showing up completely unstyled – horrid blue links and all. It’s like it was naked.)

**What? Book? YES. The new edition of the WordPress Visual QuickStart Guide is IN PROGRESS and will hit shelves IN OCTOBER and you can PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW if you are into that sort of thing. And have I mentioned how lovely you look when you pre-order things?

One thought on “And we’re back”

  1. Very nice design…

    I’m much the same… I’m constantly changing my theme and trying new things (like… well, now. 🙂 ). But, I really like the keeping it all organized in categories and hiding the dates. It makes it less obvious how long it is between blog posts.

    (And I’m really not stalking you…. but I did follow your link over to health month and joined there too.. )


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