Gear Post: Baby Number Two

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Now that I’ve had the baby for a few months, let’s talk gear. There’s a TON of stuff on the market, and everyone you ask has a different opinion on what’s crucial and what’s crap. (The reason for this: every baby’s different! There’s no way to know for sure what will work for your baby until you try! Ugh.)

Rory’s kind of a high-maintenance baby in a way that Ellison wasn’t – he wanted to be held, while she wants to be entertained. Here’s the stuff that’s been awesome for her:

  • Cradle ‘N Swing: Rory believes babies should always be in motion. This swing saved my sanity.
  • Teethers: I like the Comotomo one, and the Winkel is hands-down Rory’s favorite because it’s easiest to grab.
  • International Playthings Flash Beat Drum: The only electronic baby toy I actually like. Ellison had one. (He still jumps up and dances when the songs come on.)
  • Kidsme Food Feeder: She can gnaw to her heart’s content without swallowing any chunks.
  • Bumbo: She’s pretty much figured out how to get out of it now but for a while it was great.
  • She’s not attached to a lovie the way some babies are, but she really likes this one.
  • If your baby drools even half as much as my babies do, you will need drool bibs.
  • I got this wipes thing on accident thinking it was a wipes warmer (hello, fourth trimester sleep deprivation, how are you?) but it turned out to be kind of useful. More useful, though, are these changing pad liners, which make it so I don’t have to wash the changing pad cover nearly as often.
  • I am deeply in love with the Puj bath. Used it a ton when Rory was a newborn.
  • I got a Mei Tai because the Ergo was hurting my back (and also because we didn’t have the infant insert). LOVE it. Matt can’t wear it but loves the Ergo.
  • If your little is too little for high chairs but wants to sit in one anyway, this Leachco strap will make your day. Keep in mind it’s a little too short for a standard restaurant high chair, so buy a piece of Velcro to extend it and you will be very happy.

I’ve started a Pinterest board that I’ll add to as Rory grows so you can follow along with the current gear recs.