g bottom

gdiaperI’m not exactly the cloth diapering type (too much effort, too much laundry, an intolerance for saggy bottoms – take your pick), but I LURVE gDiapers.*

The whole concept of gDiapers appeals to me: they’re hybrid diapers, so the inside is still disposable (and I can compost the wet inserts – HUGE bonus, since the city switched us to an every-other-week garbage pickup and OMG that is not nearly frequent enough), the gPant covers are super cute, and they contain blowouts like nobody’s business. Plus they’re a Portland-based company, and you know how much I like to buy local.

I like them so much that I’m even thinking about getting cloth inserts to use at night. Yes, you heard that right: I am willingly signing up for more laundry. THAT IS LOVE, PEOPLE.

The initial investment is kind of steep – you’ve got to buy the covers, which can be pricey, and the inserts, and if you’re going cloth you’ve got to get enough of those to keep the baby diapered while you wash things. I got the starter kit off the gDiapers website, but it looks like eBay has some good deals on bigger lots, too. I’m kind of wishing I’d gone that route because I only have the two covers currently, and a couple more would be handy. My friendly neighborhood consignment shop gets them in sometimes, though, so I’ll keep my eye out. Also, you can sometimes find gDiapers on Amazon Warehouse Deals (aka my very favorite part of Amazon).

Also also, how cute is Rory with the little g on her butt?

*They did not pay me to say that. I remain sadly uncompensated for my many opinions on things, although I did sign up forĀ Influenster, so that could change – and obviously I would make a point of mentioning if I got something in return for a review.**

**Although there’s the whole Netgalley thing, so I suppose I am compensated where book reviews are concerned. Some of them. Hm.