What’s In My Diaper Bag

Obligatory diaper bag contents post in three…two…one…

I still haven’t found The Perfect Diaper Bag (I am beginning to suspect such a thing is a myth, like the tooth fairy or babies who sleep through the night) but the one I have (the Skip Hop Lady Bento*) is pretty good. Here’s what’s in mine:

Inside my diaper bag: one of two

Not pictured: Wet bag (from Ju-Ju-Be), burp cloth, snacks for the big kid (and me), and the Leachco high chair strap that she’s probably getting too big to need.

2014-03-25 13.45.55The cool thing about the Lady Bento is that it has a separate section for food. It comes with this neat removable Mealtime Kit, with three little containers that snap apart, an insulated case, and a freezer pack (which we’re not currently using). Right now I’ve got one of the little containers full of puffs, a Grapple, and a pouch of Rory’s favorite food (Amazemint from Oh Baby). We’ve usually got a Bumkins bib in there too, along with the Kipiis bib clip that can turn a napkin or burp cloth into a bib in a pinch (but appears to be out of production – we got ours at New Seasons when we couldn’t find one online).

Oh and you can see the Tokidoki PaciPod too, which has a pacifier and pacifier strap in it, and is clipped to the zipper for the outside pocket where I keep my wallet and phone.

I like all the pockets on this diaper bag and I love the little bento box in the bottom compartment, but honestly I think I need something…gulp…bigger. Half the time I need to bring a carrier along when we’re out with the stroller (for the inevitable screaming fits that accompany stroller-based trips) and that takes up a lot of room. Then there’s my stuff (laptop, iPad, whatever). Plus with summer coming I’ll need to bring stuff like sunblock and swimwear and towels and aaaaaaah I can’t even think about it without my back twinging in distress. Meep!

*I had the Skip Hop Studio, which I LOVED, except that the top zipper wouldn’t, you know, zip. That’s a pretty big problem for a zipper to have, and Skip Hop agreed, so they let me trade it for a slightly different bag that I love slightly less (but that actually has a functioning zipper).