Holidailies. I’m doing it. My friend over at mamazing inspired me, so I’m going to steal borrow her idea for an intro. Besides, it’s been so long since I’ve blogged here even I don’t remember who I am anymore.

So! Some things about me:

  • I like cats.
  • And sleep.
  • I used to be a lot smarter.
  • I write HTML & CSS for a living.
  • Coffee is good.
  • I really want another tattoo.

Back when my first kid was wee, I jumped on the mommyblog bandwagon. He’s almost ten now. TEN. This seems impossible. I’ve got a two year old now, too, so theoretically I could enact Project Mommyblog: The Sequel, but who has that kind of energy? Mostly I just want blog entries to appear of their own volition, using correct grammar and crediting themselves to me. This does not seem like too much to ask.

But this month, I will actually write them. Probably. As far as you know.

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