But I Love My Junk Food

SO, I totally failed at Holidailies. I did ONE post. One post, in which I was all “Hey guys, totally doing this,” and then…nothing.

But that is the past. Who can even remember that far back? Now we are in the distant future of 2016, the year of flying cars and jetpacks and me, doing Whole30.

What is Whole30, you ask? I will tell you. It is crazy torture a test of endurance relentless self-flagellation a dietary reset of sorts, in which test subjects participants eschew delicious inflammatory foods such as dairy, grains, legumes and sugar. For 30 days.

Let me say that again: no bread. No pastries. No BUTTER. No party-sized bags of peanut M&Ms eaten by the light of the iPad when I should be sleeping. (Which…is possibly the reason I undertook this whole endeavor in the first place.)

So far, it’s actually going relatively well, fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc. (Well, except for the part where I couldn’t figure out breakfast on the first day and ended up a twitchy neurotic blood-sugar disaster. But, again: the past! Who remembers such things?) We’re cooking a ton, and our intake of greens has increased exponentially. We’re trying out new recipes, which is fun – my Pinterest account hasn’t seen this much action in months. And I have it on good authority that at some point I won’t feel like murdering someone for a donut. Win/win!

Chime in, y’all: have you done Whole30? How did it go for you?