Oh Look I’m Allergic To Not Eating Donuts*

*Or carbs. Whatever.

It’s almost a week into the Whole30 thing and I’m still chugging up the hill going I think I can, I think I can (actually it’s something closer to I think I…what? since I’m SUPER SPACEY right now) and when I got out of the shower this morning I noticed that I have a rash. Now you’re saying lady, you ALWAYS have rashes, and about this you are not wrong, but this is a NEW rash, a DIFFERENT rash, and thusly of course I consulted Doctor Google, who told me it’s a side effect of not having carbs.

Yes. I am allergic to being healthy.

There’s apparently not a ton of information about this online; the dude who wrote the blog post I linked to above started his own site, The Keto Rash, to help people identify it and find treatments (the simplest of which is to eat more carbs).

SO! Damned if I’m going to let the Whole30 get the better of me, so I’m going to try adding more potatoes to my diet (because mmmm, potatoes) and if that doesn’t work then apparently I will itch for the next 23 days.

And then on Day 24? I am having a donut.

5 thoughts on “Oh Look I’m Allergic To Not Eating Donuts*”

  1. The doughnut comment reminds me of a book I saw called “The healthier I ate the sicker I got” The poor woman didn’t know she had salicylate intolerance. Neither did I until I bought a juicer & started having raw juices. Im currently suffering Keto itch although it is now abating after the addition of spirulina as well as cabbage, and lots of green veg… I think Keto hives is gut microbes having a hissy fit, needing more greens. Just a hypothesis!


  2. Keto Rash sucks! I was so glad to find BJJ Caveman’s site back when no one had any answers for me, or denied that it was even possible. Just like you when I add back carbs the rash dissipates. After growing up on antibiotics I refuse to go that route and will just stick to enjoying my crack (aka dark chocolate) ;D


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