Things I loved in 2017

This may have been a largely garbage year, but there are some things here on the internet* that I loved.

  • Brandless. I’ve been saying forever that if generics with the cool minimalist packaging were actually good, I’d be on that in a heartbeat. Enter Brandless: an online grocery delivery company dedicated to ending “Brand Tax.” Everything is $3. Everything. And it’s really good! Go try the Organic Black Bean and Corn Salsa. You’re welcome.
  • The Abnormal Beauty Company. Dude. You have got to try this. Skincare for under $10? That’s as good or better than the pricey stuff? I am in love. Plus the packaging is cool, the site is informative, and the shipping is fast.
  • Amazon’s Echo Dot. I got one of these for Christmas and I am drunk with power. ALEXA, LET’S TAKE OVER THE WORLD. AND ALSO PLAY ME AN AUDIOBOOK.
  • Girlfriend Collective. I got a pair of these amazing leggings in a leap of trust while they did their introductory “only pay shipping” deal. It took months for me to get them, but when I did – holy wow. I never thought I could love a pair of leggings as much as I love these. Sadly, they’re now out of my price range, but I live in hope of clearance sales.
  • One Page Love. When I need inspiration for website design, this is my go-to site. (Also, I end up signing up for so many new services based on their landing pages, it’s kind of ridiculous.)

Now that I look at my list, I begin to understand why my bank account is so anemic. Still, go. Shop. Be merry.

*While the internet as we know it still exists.