Contact Lens Subscription Services: Reviewed!

I took on three of the new contact lens subscription services to figure out which one gave me the most bang for my buck – in this case, the buck being my vision, and the bang being…my debit card? I don’t know where I was going with that.

The services I tried out: Waldo, Hubble, and Aveo.


All three services offer a free trial (you just pay for shipping & handling). Aveo’s trial is by far the best: you get 30 days’ worth of contacts, with Hubble offering 10 days and Waldo offering 5.


Waldo charges $18 per box ($36 a month) with free shipping. Hubble’s lenses are $30 a month, with $3 shipping. Aveo charges $33 per month, with a discount if you order annually.

Subscription options

All three services let you choose the frequency your lenses are delivered, so if you wear glasses some of the time, you can adjust for that.

Waldo's subscription options

Waldo gives you a choice between Easy and Flexi. Easy is a quarterly subscription; you will receive 3 boxes per eye every 3 months. Flexi is custom subscription; you will receive 1 box per eye at a frequency selected by you. You can change your renewal date, which is the date your next charge will go through, by clicking a button and selecting the new date on a calendar.

Hubble has a couple of different screens for account info. First is Delivery Schedule, which shows your previous deliveries and the date the next one will go out. There’s a handy “Skip” link if you want to skip a delivery.

But in order to change the subscription details themselves, you have to go to the Subscription Orders. There you can click “Edit” to change the frequency

Aveo’s subscription section is about as straightforward as Waldo’s…maybe more so, because they don’t have a custom option. You can choose the frequency of delivery and the date of your next shipment, and that’s it.

The lenses (and packaging, because let’s face it, unboxing is a thing)

Waldo’s lenses came in a cute box that looked like a mini subscription crate. Their logo has an adorable winking eye, and the box is a solid blue color.

The lenses felt good in my eyes, and were way less irritating than the monthlies I’d been using before.

Hubble’s packaging was the least exciting of the three. Their mailing box felt like packaging rather than part of the whole experience, even though it did have an inner contact-lens print. I did like the bubble-like logo and the soothing color of the contact boxes themselves.

The lenses didn’t feel quite right in my eyes. I spent a lot of time trying to get them situated correctly, and even then it felt like they kept sliding out of place. My vision seemed worse than with Waldo, although that might have been due to the poor fit. At the end of the day, my eyes felt irritated and I couldn’t wait to get back into my glasses.

Aveo’s packaging was almost as adorable as Waldo’s. Their cheery, sky blue “hello.” is a nice bit of branding – although the winking eye logo is almost identical to Waldo’s.

The lenses were definitely not identical. They were difficult to put in. They felt weird. One actually fell out of my eye when I leaned over. And my vision was terrible – way worse than with Hubble, or even with my old monthlies. The only way I could see clearly was to put in eye drops, and I had to add them about every ten minutes.


Waldo lets you cancel your account by clicking a link. There’s a “why are you leaving?” questionnaire before the account cancellation is final. I didn’t complete the process, but I suspect it’s similar to cooking subscriptions like HelloFresh, which gives you “hidden” options to keep you from leaving.

Hubble makes you call a number to cancel.

Aveo’s account screens don’t show any cancellation information at all; I had to go to the FAQ, where it was confusingly located under the “How do I cancel my order?” entry. I was given the option to cancel via live chat, email, or phone.

My favorite:

Waldo wins, hands down. I feel like Hubble has potential, but Aveo just really didn’t work for me at all.*

(I’ve got a referral code in my Waldo link, just so you know.)

* Keep in mind: my prescription is really, really high (-9.5 in both eyes) so my issues with lens positioning and irritation are almost certainly related to that. I also noticed that Waldo’s base curve is 8.5, while both Hubble and Aveo’s is 8.6, which may have something to do with it as well.