titles are so last year

Well, the main thing I notice about the Prozac is that it makes me feel kind of sick. Only when I eat, though – the rest of the time I’m fine as daisies. Which is good news, actually! Because I was worried that it would make me gain weight, and obviously if I get nauseous every time I snarf down a scone I’m not going to be gorging on anything. So let’s count that as a win, shall we?

Speaking of scones, I’ve had this problem lately wherein everything I try to bake turns out horribly. Not just run-of-the-mill so-you-say-you-can’t-bake horribly, but like “Um, are you sure you actually measured all the ingredients?” horribly. To wit: the chocolate chip cookies which I have made before without incident and are supposed to be flat and delicious came out puffed and dry. I have to use almost twice the amount of liquid called for in my tried-and-true scone recipe, which is just weird, since I make those all the freaking time. I can only think that it must have something to do with the flour I’m using, except that when I tried using different flour the same thing happened. So my new theory is that my oven is possessed. Anyone know where I can get an oven exorcism on the cheap?

slightly less unhealthy: the blog!

slightly less unhealthy illustrationSo I started another blog.

I had this Vox blog, right? And it was just sitting there, last post dated early 2007, and I was thinking I should just close the account when it occurred to me: I could repurpose the blog. That way, I could have a recipe blog without actually starting anything new! It is just like recycling.

So now you can read all about the things I’m making in the oven (I’ll omit recipes which are primarily composed of smoke and misery). Behold: it is Slightly Less Unhealthy.