Snacky Mouse

Influenster* sent us a fun cat toy: the Temptations Snacky Mouse. I know, it sounds like an 80s cartoon character, right? In reality it’s a little plastic cat toy/treat dispenser.

It came with the Temptations treats, which are probably fine, but Maru (our resident Fat Cat) is diabetic, so it’s a good thing you can put your own treats into the mouse. We did let him try out the Temptations for testing purposes, because he was sniffing at them and I am a sucker.

Maru with Snacky MouseMaru with Snacky MouseMaru thought this was a pretty good deal. He is fond of food of any kind, especially in treat form, and being able to bat around his treat dispenser is an added bonus.

The downside to the Snacky Mouse: just like with a real rodent, overly enthusiastic batting results in the mouse’s head flying off. And if you’ve got a one year old in addition to an enthusiastic cat, that head could end up anywhere, really. (Note: no actual rodents were harmed in the making of this post. Also, to my knowledge the baby has never absconded with an actual mouse head. Do not contact Child Services at this time.) Further product testing will resume when the mouse can be reassembled.

*Influenster sent me this product in return for a review. The opinions expressed above are all mine.

I’ve got the baby (baby baby) baby…sitting blues

The cats were being absolute monsters last night. First there was the tag-playing, which goes runrunrunrunTHUMP runrunrunrunrunHISSSSSS runrunrunCRASHrunrunrun. Then there was the yowling at the bedroom door, prompted by the tag-related hallway exile. Then there was the body-slamming of said door, interspersed with more pathetic yowling and some door-scratching, for good measure. I dare you to sleep through that, especially when you’re sandwiched between an extremely cranky (but blessedly sleeping, finally) baby and a snoring spouse.

Last night’s cat drama might have something to do with today’s case of the blues. I feel very ninth-grade today, all glasses and braces and ugly bangs. Why, you ask? Well. I failed to survive the cut on the LiveJournal friends list of someone I know IRL (that’s “in real life” to those of you who have, you know, lives), and even though I know I rarely update my LiveJournal I still felt like the popularity police had revoked my cool license. Which they totally would if they had read that last sentence. (Cool license? Seriously?) Then I found out that I hadn’t been picked for a blogging gig on a new multi-author parenting blog. Which I’m sure lots of people applied for, blah blah blah, but I’m a good writer. Right?

On the other hand (the one that’s still popular – yay!) I am now a proud member of the 9rules Network. Can I explain how happy that makes me? Can I? Because it makes me really freaking happy. Joining me in this round of acceptances are people like IzzyMom and Plain Jane Mom, so obviously I am in extremely good company. Congrats to everyone who made it!

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