sharing the wealth


Happy Fun Baby has recently become obsessed with making all his toys walk. Makes perfect sense, since he’s such an old hat at the walking thing. It’s pretty cute to see him trying to teach his Totoro (who doesn’t have legs) and his giant Ikea dragon (who…ditto) to take their first steps down the hallway.

The other day we were at the toy store and Happy Fun Baby spied a bunch of baby dolls. To my surprise, he went right over and picked one up.

“You like that baby?” I said (because I’ve been not-so-secretly trying to interest him in baby dolls since, oh, always).

“Baby,” he said. He carefully inspected the doll’s feet. Then he set it on the ground and tried to make it walk.

He also chucks dolls out of the doll stroller on a regular basis. No patience for non-walkers: that’s my kid.