failure – it’s what’s for dinner

I was doing so well. I blogged through my father kicking the bucket. I blogged through my subsequent emotional freak-out. I blogged through two huge deadlines and all sorts of unreported school drama. And then – and then – just when I should have been able to truly devote myself to the NaBloPoMo thing for a couple of days, what did I do?

I fell asleep.

Yeah, that’s my big excuse for not posting yesterday. I had the laptop in bed like I usually do, and I was all snuggled up with the kid who just would. not. go. to. sleep, and I thought “I’ll just cuddle with him for a little bit” – and then I woke up and it was 12:05 and I’d missed a day of posting. Just like that!

Gah. My lameness, it is staggering even to me.

In other news, it looks like I may fail somewhat more spectacularly at NaNoWriMo, even though I swear I will need psychiatric intervention if I do because I NEVER MISS A DEADLINE and yet, here I am, 3/4 of the way through the month with only 16K words. Oh yeah, I can totally write 34K in the next week and a half. No problem whatsoever.