Recap: February Health Month

Sooo-o, I managed to make it through February. Barely. Let’s take a look back, shall we?
February Health Month

I managed to follow my paltry two rules meticulously until the last three days of the last week. Screw it, I thought. I’m stressed and cranky and having a breakdown or whatever.* I can do better next month. So I had dessert. Two days worth of dessert.

But a weird thing happened: after two days of sugar, I didn’t want any more.

Which is so not a thing I ever thought I’d say.

Anyway, the stats:

Health Month Progress Graph

You see that dip there at the end? That was me, stuffing my face with ice cream sandwiches and my first Snickers bar in a month. (And the climb on the very last day was me nursing a wicked sugar hangover.)

But! Despite falling off the wagon for the last couple of days, I still got my badge:
Health Month Badge

Isn’t it pretty and shiny?

I’m playing again this month; you can follow along here. Sign up for next month while you’re there! You can even be on my team. Maybe.



Probably the most difficult part of this whole ulcer thing – aside from the OW, of course – is the fact that I can’t have sugar.

Well, I CAN have sugar, technically – the doctor didn’t say anything about avoiding it except in a sort of roundabout way – but sugar gives me headaches, and I can’t take Advil anymore, so no headaches = good, yeah? (I can’t tell if treats make the ulcer worse, since currently anything I eat kind of makes it hurt.)

But as you all may be aware, I am a sugar addict. I just had to cancel my plans to join a group of friends tonight because we were all meeting for dessert at this fabulous dessert restaurant; I took one look at the menu and went I can’t be around this stuff without having something. Which…is good, right? Progress? Kind of like a newly-enwagoned alcoholic bowing out of an evening at the bar?

I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that the gastro doc (with whom I still need to make an appointment, gack) will give me antibiotics and then this whole thing will be done. And I can celebrate with dessert.

sugar addicts, represent

I was totally going to be all glib* about my sugar addiction, but then last night, after we’d ridded the house of the Evil Chocolate Cake of Evil and had a sensible, sugar-free dinner, I lost my shit and had to inhale an entire box of Cadbury Creme Eggs just to keep from killing people with my hands. That’s addict behavior, people.

(In related news, the Cadbury Creme Eggs were delicious.)

So apparently kicking my sugar habit is going to be slightly more effort than simply tossing the last of the chocolate cake and not baking another one. Who knew? I’d like to say I’m totally optimistic but let’s face it, I’m not a sugar-free sort of girl. It’s not even like I want to cut out sugar entirely – just processed sugar, mostly, and the goal is to cut down rather than cut out. But for serious, if I have to mainline chocolate just to keep sane? That’s probably, you know, a bad sign.

Though it would definitely help if I could get my hands on some honey and almonds and fresh ricotta. That is a dessert I can get behind.

*And yes, I mean that in the Tom Cruise-iest way possible.